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Why Facsimiles?

Books have always been highly valued – as artworks, but also as messengers of faith and manifestations of power. Their inner and outer significance helped to protect them, as they were kept with utmost care. As they were – protected by their covers – not exposed to environmental influences, the original colors have survived almost unharmed. Such witnesses of art and history are kept as highlights in museums and libraries all over the world.

Thanks to our Fine Arte Facsimile Editions these ancient artworks are made accessible again to the public without endangering the originals. Our true-to-the-original copies are not only displayed in museums but also serve for educational purposes to spread the knowledge of culture and to literally feel this heritage from bygone ages in your hand. Our luxury editions with real gold attachments and exclusive bindings are especially suitable for highly valuable gifts, acting as an exceptional cultural ambassador in a very unique way.

Exhibitor: Verlag Müller und Schindler

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