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About us

We reproduce historical manuscripts and documents as true to the original replicas, undistinguishable from the original in every aspect. So, they can be used as ambassadors of heritage without endangering the irreplaceable originals.
Such editions can be used in many ways:

  • As an exclusive and very personal gift
  • As a unique ambassador of culture and heritage
  • For study and learning, giving exciting insights into cultural achievements created hundreds of years ago.

The production of each of our editions is carefully monitored, from the first inspection to the taking of photographs and printing, through to the process of gilding and binding. Both, the protection and safeguarding of the original as well as the publication and scientific treatment in the course of the reproduction have always been a top priority.
The manufacture of each of our high quality replicas requires considerable technical knowledge and craftsmanship. Each individual book is the result of many different working steps.

Products and services

How A Fine Art Reproduction is made
Digitalization: of the single pages with a high-resolution camera and a specially designed framework supporting the precious original without endangering it.
Pre-printing process: each image file has to be reviewed, corrected and prepared individually for the printing process.
Hard proofs: are produced and compared to the original. Colour variances are corrected until the result meets our quality standards.
Printing & attaching gold and silver: depending on the characteristics of the original, respective techniques and materials are used – from gold and silver foils or metallic dust to 23K genuine gold.
Binding & Refinement: Normally the binding of the original, or a similar binding of that time, mostly in real leather. Luxury Editions are refined with real gold embossing, edge gilding or real gold printing as a really unique gift for important guests and friends.
Scholarly Commentary: giving insights on the background of the original.
The Coronation Gospels of the Holy Roman Empire

The Coronation Gospels of the Holy Roman Empire

Originating around 800 AD in the palace school of the German emperor Charlemagne, the Codex Aureus, written in golden ink on purple-coloured pages, evolved to be the most important medieval book of all: as part of the imperial regalia it played a central role in every coronation of the Roman-German kings.
Fine Art Edition limited to only 333 copies, with gold leaf and 4 portrait pages of the Evangelists with real 23-carat gold, silver- and gold-plated 3D-cover with synthetic sapphire.

The Travels of Jean de Mandeville

The Travels of Jean de Mandeville

The stories of Jean de Mandeville occupy a prominent place, among other important works on the oriental world, in the Book of Marvels. This work, dating from the second decade of the 15th century, is regarded as one of the most magnificent manuscripts from a time that was full of precious manuscripts. 74 fascinating miniatures accompany the descriptions of Travels of Jean de Mandeville. The engaging text is presented on 84 pages, each one embellished with gold and rich colours.

Treasures of Islamic Book Illumination – 12 Fine Art Leaves in a Luxury Leather Box

Treasures of Islamic Book Illumination – 12 Fine Art Leaves in a Luxury Leather Box

For more than 1000 years, fantastic manuscripts have been created throughout the Islamic world. For the first time ever, some of them are being partly reproduced as Fine Art Reproductions. They form a worldwide unique collection showing the achievements of calligraphers and miniaturists from more than 10 centuries and different cultures from the Islamic world. This edition collects 12 single leaves on passe-partout in a limited luxury box, worked out in real leather with rich gold embossing.

News & Innovations

State of the Art Digitalization - the basis for perfect replicas 

Everything starts with our high-resolution camera, a specially mounted camera support and adapted illumination in order to start the reproduction process of ancient manuscripts. With a long experience in making such Fine Art Facsimile Editions, Mueller & Schindler always uses the best and mo...| » Further reading 

Why Facsimiles? 

Books have always been highly valued – as artworks, but also as messengers of faith and manifestations of power. Their inner and outer significance helped to protect them, as they were kept with utmost care. As they were – protected by their covers – not exposed to environmenta...| » Further reading 

The Royal Psalter of Sainte Chapelle – a Fine Art Reproduction 

The splendid Royal Psalter of Sainte-Chapelle is edited for the first time as a perfect, original facsimile edition. A masterpiece of Gothic Art, one of the most beautiful Psalters of French book-painting and a unique object presented in a jewelry box and with a noble „chemise“, comm...| » Further reading 


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